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November 06, 2022

If you feel you deserve to work in a great studio, YOU DO. As a beginner or having experience. ALL A BONUS. Our community has given us the opportunity, to create for them ALL of the styles available. So HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY to spread the Art of Tattooing with us, and expand your Artistic Expression. We are looking for 2 Artists. CONTACT us at forbiddenimagestattoo@gmail.com We will forward all requests to Litos Pinto for review. ACT FAST, WHEN "NOW" IS A GOOD TIME TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE ? . If you know a Talented Artist or someone with the potential to be working with a 45 year Master Tattooer and an Amazing group of Artists, let them know we are looking for them. CHECK AND FOLLOW "LITOSART" on Instagram

Litos Art

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