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LITOS is originally from RIO DE JANEIRO, BRASIL. His career started at the age of 12 years old. Dedicated his life and still does with a undeniable passion and commitment. LITOS & his wife JULIE are the heart and soul of FORBIDDEN IMAGES . Our studio has a very relaxing vibe, with the excitiment of our commitment to the ART of Tattooing. LITOS has been tattooing in the tampa bay area for over 30 colorful years, creating a everlasting fullfilment to all the clients that have being expose to his ART. His wife JULIE, has brought her talent of decorating vision and skill to run a very beautiful and successful studio.

Hello to All, 

My name is Steven Cornicelli or Milkman. I was born in Maryland and grew up on Long Island and moved here to Florida in early 1996. At 18 I received my first very small and I mean small scorpion tattoo after that I was hooked. I have been into art and drawing since I can remember, mostly comic book style. I also attended SUNY Farmingdale, for Art and the Art Institute for Media Art. I have been praticing the Tattoo Arts for 26 years. My style is versatile but realism and Horror/comic book/Scifi portrait work are my preference. I hope you enjoy my portfolio and when your ready for your New Tattoo I'll be here waiting. You can also see a lot of my art on Instagram @Steven cornicelli or @Milkman_tattoos_and _art or TXT me at 727-992-6875.

Thank You All




Hello! My names Victor.

      I've been an artist my entire life and a  Professional Tattoo Artist for a little over 6 years now. I love what I do and the endless journey tattooing has brought me. My specializations are also my passion. I consider myself an older soul and connect really well with a classic look that Black & Grey can provide. I specialize in all aspects of Black & Grey which includes, Black & Grey Realism, Highly detailed Pieces, Portraiture, and High detailed Micro Realism. I also specialize in fine lined art pieces. You can see some of my best pieces I've tattooed on my Instagram Portfolio Page as well as book a consultation by direct messaging. I look forward to hearing from you!

Instagram: victatattoos


So here is where her story started... My daughter MYLA. Now my new "Uchi-deshi". Her Art and Tattoo apprenticeship started at a very young age. Now blossoming into a very driven, committed and Dedicated artists. I am So Proud to be part of her journey. I have been giving her my Knowledge, Love and guidance for a long time ago. Her Future is Bright. LOVE YOU and THANK YOU for allowing to be your MASTER GUIDANCE.

Our NEW artist Markito Affonso in joining our Team in 2024. For availability NEW projects please contact:

forbiddenimages@mac.com   Artist MARKITO


Corey Godoy - View Piercing Gallery - Email Artist

Hey! My name is Corey Godoy. I started my piercing career in Columbus, Ohio in 2010. In October of 2014 I took a leap of faith and moved to the Tampa Bay Area where I have been living/ piercing ever since. We use only high quality and implant grade jewelry here at FORBIDDEN IMAGES STUDIO and I've put a lot of thought and hard work in to make sure I can provide customers with the piercing of their dream! Feel free to reach out with any questions or to book with me on Instagram @stabgawd or email me at piercedbystabgawd@gmail.com

Litos Art

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